Join us for Gator Week May 7 – 12!

It’s no secret Wild Florida knows a thing or two about alligators. To share this knowledge and passion with visitors, our team will host a one-of-a-kind event centered around one of Florida’s most recognizable yet, misunderstood animals… the alligator!

To many, alligators are simply fierce carnivores on the hunt, but that’s not actually the case. Like many misunderstood creatures, myths develop based on a lack of knowledge. It is because of this Wild Florida decided to dedicate an entire week to educating and debunking many common myths surrounding these reptiles along with some of their reptile cousins through live demonstrations and interactive experiences. There will also be plenty of fun photo-ops and guest appearances made by some popular inhabitants of our Gator and Wildlife Park.

Join us May 7th through the 12th for our 2nd Annual Gator Week where you and your family can enjoy a week full of gator-themed activities and demonstrations. And, the best part is, we’ll be offering everyone FREE admission to our Gator and Wildlife Park during Gator Week!

Event Schedule

Monday, May 7 – Gator Smash Demo

  • See the power of an alligator’s and crocodile’s bite and time their reflexes through a bite demonstration with fruits and vegetables.

Tuesday, May 8 – Gator Jumpathon

  • People often think alligators can only hunt for food that happens to go for a swim but, their powerful tails can help propel half of their body out of the air.
  • Join us at 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at our Gator Pond to see just how high our alligators can jump!
  • In between all the gator-themed activities for the day, there will also be bounce houses available for kids to enjoy!

Wednesday, May 9 – Best Gator Call and Race Competition

  • Just like a cat or a dog, alligators make a very distinct sound that everyone can master.
  • Join us at 12:00 p.m. in our Exotic Animal Pavilion where we’ll host our first ever Gator Call competition! Not only will the winner take home bragging rights for being the best gator caller but will take a home a special prize from one of our sponsors!
  • Stick around as we’ll also hold a Gator Race where the winning gator will determine what charity all the money placed during the race will go to.

Thursday, May 10 – Bite Force Comparison

  • You might know that alligators have a strong bite. But just how strong is it?
  • Join us at our Gator Feeding Show pavilion as we’ll measure the bite force of our snapping turtle, freshwater crocodile, alligator, and caiman.

Friday, May 11 – ‘Taste of Gator Cook-off’ 

  • You’ve probably had a shrimp po’boy before, but what about a gator po’boy?
  • There are a ton of dishes you can cook up with alligator meat, and our chef, Ramon will cook up a variety of gator dishes and have local food bloggers judge the flavor of each dish.
  • Later that evening, we’ll have an alligator and BBQ buffet available for you to see if alligator really tastes like chicken.
  • And, if you’re feeling brave enough, you can even dine and paint with Wild Florida’s biggest alligator, Crusher!

Saturday, May 12 – Meet Wild Florida’s Biggest Gator, Crusher!

  • For all you thrill seekers out there, boy, is this your night.
  • To end our 2nd Annual Gator Week with a blast, we’re staying open past 6:00 p.m. and holding a night edition of our Gator Feeding Show and Jumpathon to dispell the rumor that alligators will only jump during the day.
  • Throughout the evening, we’ll also be offering discounted night airboat rides so everyone can see what takes place at night at Wild Florida.


To promote education, conservation and eliminate detrimental myths about alligators.


Alligator Myth DEBUNKED: Alligators CAN bite underwater!

If you live in Florida (or anywhere that has alligators, really), you’ve probably heard your fair share of “foolproof” ways to scare off or escape from alligators, by running in a zigzag pattern, etc. We’re not sure who started these myths, but one is if you dive underwater, an alligator won’t bite you…

This is completely false. Don’t believe us? Check out our YouTube video to watch the Wild Florida team test the myth for ourselves!


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