Why you should play hooky from work and go on an Orlando airboat tour

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Fall is here! And where are you? Sitting at your desk, with stressful emails just filling up in your inbox? Maybe you find yourself just staring out the window, trying to find some way to escape. Face it – you need a break from your daily routine, from waking up, going to work, and home again. While it may be tempting to just take it easy at home for a few days, where’s the fun in staying indoors? Instead, get some fresh air and enjoy an Orlando airboat tour. 

5 Facebook statuses you’ll post during your day at Wild Florida

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We love that our guests come from all over the world just to meet our animals and experience their first airboat ride. We do our best to make every moment memorable – memories you’ll want to share with everyone! These days, the easiest way to share about good times is through social media, so we’ve crafted five statuses you might want to post on Facebook during your day at Wild Florida!

How Wild Florida’s animals are more than just our furry friends

Sam Haught Florida Wildlife, Wildlife Park

Not all the animals in our backyard at Wild Florida had the happiest beginnings. Quite a few of them have been neglected or even abused before coming to us. Did you know there’s over 41,000 endangered species on the IUCN Red List? Over 60 of those endangered species call Wild Florida home, and we’re committed to doing our part so they are no longer classified as endangered. Our animal keepers do everything they can to give our animals the true care they deserve…

Why birthday parties in Orlando should always include an airboat ride

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Let’s face it – every parent will always see their child as their “baby”, no matter what birthday they’re celebrating. So naturally, we all want to make their birthday the best day ever! We’re picturing a day filled with laughs, loved ones and, of course… cake!

Brainstorming unique birthday parties in Orlando can be a challenge! Have you considered incorporating an Orlando airboat ride? Here are a few ways an airboat tour in Florida will raise the birthday party bar…

  • No such thing as a bad view

With an Orlando airboat tour, you don’t have to worry about kids complaining about bad seats like you might in a movie theater or at a play or sporting event, though we can’t promise they won’t argue over who gets to sit in the front row. Our airboats are able to carry about 12 people. And to ensure that everyone has a great view of the headwaters of the Everglades, the seats on the airboat are stacked like stadium seating!

6 animal-inspired treats you can make this Halloween

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It’s officially October! How did that happen, right? It’s that time of year when us Floridians break out our “fall” clothes, make bonfires, and enjoy fall-inspired foods of all kinds.

And we know kids love Halloween… They look forward to this holiday year-round, because there’s no other time when their parents allow them to dress up and eat sweet treats until they can’t stomach it anymore! We love a good themed dessert at a Halloween party… So we’re sharing 6 animal-inspired treats for a delicious Halloween!